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leather dye PORSCHE 911 996 997 928 Boxster turbo carerra cayenne 996 997


01955 621955 44 1955 621955

This is a dye for leather, it has been matched EXACTLY to the colours of the PORSCHE cars.


THIS IS FOR A 50ml bottle of colour


“Cobalt blue” “Cashmere”

“Marine blue” "Champagne”

“Metropol blue” “Chestnut”

“Midnight blue” “Sienna”

“Provence blue” “Savannah”

“Classic grey” “Granite”

“Light grey” “Graphite”

“Marble grey” “Stone grey”

“Silk grey” “Viola”

“Space grey” “Pearl white”

“Slate grey” “Linen”

“Rubicon grey” “Cream” [650]

“Flamenco” Burgundy

“Can Can red” Brown

Cayanne 4x4 l/grey Olive green

Boxster ’98 terracotta red ? ’87 beige

993 '07 dk red


It can be used to re colour scuffs and scratches on seats and steering wheels and all leather parts of a car.

These are correctly matched colours NOT a general colour It will NOT wear off any faster than the leather wore In the first place


Clean your leather of wax and grease and dirt ... cleaner available on a seperate listing


Ideally condition the leather .... also available on a seperate listing


Sponge the dye in light coats on to the affected areas


Allow the dye to be absorbed into the leather (2-3 hours) between coats


The kit is large enough to use on effected areas of a car but larger kits are available



Hi Steve,


Thanks very much for the tips on useage. I'm currently at 4 coats of 10% dilution and cannot believe the diffrence it has made. I'm just leaving it a full day or two to allow completel dryness before cleaning it and giving it another coat or two. Excellent colour match. What a totally simple product to use with such great phone advice from you it's an absolute winner.


Thanks again,


Tony Smith Wembley.


Hello Steve,

I just wanted to say thank you for the colour dye from the swatch sample that I sent. The colour dye was spot on and I can still see the grains on the leather! Amazing stuff.

Thank you for your help you guys are the business.


Rav Panesar

Please remember the colour required

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