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leather dye for MERCEDES BENZ SLK C CLASS M CLASS E CLASS S500 E300 E320 AMG C24


Popular colours include


300SL 1956 bright red [1079] 90’s beige [255]

250S 1966 d/red 90’s beige [265]

220C 1965 l/grey 90’s “Pebble” [275]

? S 1978 beige 90’s + black “Anthracite”

6.9 ltr 1975 d/blue 90’s d/blue [72]

60’-70’ d/red 90’s “Helios” [239]

? SL 1977 creamy beige 90’s "Java" beige [632]

? 1978 l/tan 90’s maroon

Merc ‘70’s tan 90’s “Sierra grey”

? SL 1977 l/beige 90’s +“Alpaca” grey

Merc 1968 “Bamboo” [249] 90’s + “Orion” grey [218]

Merc 80’s beige SLK '05 d/red

Merc 80’s d/blue G Wagon 80’s p/blue

Merc 80’s maroon ML 4x4 90’s d/grey

Merc 80’s l/grey ML 4x4 2000 m/grey

Merc 80’s aero grey

Merc 80’s brown AMG silver grey

Merc 80’s tan Slate Grey

230CE ’81 v/p/blue

Almond Beige 215

Alpaca Grey 218

Pacific Blue 832

Flamenco Red 257

Anthracite 271

Royal Blue 842

Java 844

Pebble Beige 845

Cognac Brown 807

Cashmere Beige 204

Natural Beige 874

Gullwing Red 817

Sahara Beige 205

Black. 201

Orient Beige 805

Reef Grey 208

Savanna Beige 204

Basalt Grey 258

Merlin Blue

Hell red

natural antique


Pine Green

Galaxy blue

magma red

Saffran 264

Siam Beige


Violet Blue



Slate Grey

Berry Red

Royal Blue

Pacific Blue

Sierra Grey

Orient Beige

Sunset Red

Cashmere Beige

Savannah Beige

Bright Brown






I think I've covered them all but if you have another colour - let me know or send a sample



01955 621955 44 1955 621955



You can do seat bolsters, armrests or any part of your leather interior


Simply dab the dye, using the sponge onto the affected areas


Smarten up the appearance of your leather interior


You can use the small bottles to lighten or darken the dye if necessary due to UV discolouloration


Large bottle will do huge area if required though best for touching in worn areas

Please remember the colour required

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